About Us

About Us

Support Studios is the brainchild of Australia’s award winning landscape architecture and garden design company SITEDESIGN + STUDIOS who were looking for a more cost effective solution for their documentation needs.

They discovered a wealth of talent in Indonesia.

Today, Support Studios boasts one of the best remote teams of passionate and energetic professionals who are proficient in the most popular industry software solutions including Vectorworks, REVIT, Archicad, Autodesk, Rhino and many more.

Support Studios is more than just about recruiting global talent. It is also about celebrating culture. The creative studio in the bustling city of Denpasar is a vibrant space where team members collaborate to produce high quality work.

Staff receive regular professional development and technical training to remain at the top of their fields and are well versed in Australian industry standards and Western design techniques. And because Support Studios is a strong advocate for responsible outsourcing, staff are paid their full wage, superannuation, insurances and bonuses so they are empowered to thrive.

Support Studios is a shining example of global partnerships doing business with integrity and compassion.

Businesses just like SITEDESIGN + STUDIOS have been able to grow exponentially as a result of using the services of Support Studios which has helped lower its costs with remote staffing and achieve a competitive advantage without sacrificing quality.

Skilled in the most popular software solutions including


Meet Our Team

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We plan on working closely with you to help you find the support staff you’re looking for so you should probably get to know us. Here are some of the passionate people behind our business.

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