We assist your new staff so you can use your time more effectively

Recruiting the right staff to work in your business is more than just matching skills. Effective recruitment also means regularly checking in to make sure you and your staff are the perfect fit. Support Studios isn’t just any recruitment agency. We stay the course and play the long game. We pride ourselves on building long term relationships. It helps to alleviate any concerns you may feel about remote work and it boosts our staff’s well-being, which is equally important to us. We have local management on the ground to ensure staff are properly managed and cared for. This includes providing them a comfortable workspace in our contemporary and vibrant studios and paying all local taxes, entitlements, healthcare obligations, bonuses, and benefits. We maintain regular communication, so everyone feels valued. We also conduct regular feedback sessions to ensure you are satisfied with your recruit and that the relationship is running smoothly.

What our customers think of us

We have been using an architectural designer from Support Studios for 3 years now and really noticed how it frees our time up in the office and completely boosted our presentation skills.

Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson Design

Support Studios has been an amazing addition to my business. I have been able to catch up on my back log of work and also invest more time in options and design explorations as the cost and time investment is so low. I used to feel that I would never be on top of my work and by the nature of needing to attend meetings and run the business, I would always be making clients wait weeks for updates. It’s taken a few months to catch up, but now I have and I am returning plans back to clients in days not weeks and I can focus my efforts on running engaging with new and existing clients and most importantly, designing.

Glenn Osmond

Osmond McLeod Architects

A great setup that has been the perfect solution for my studio. I’ve really loved the relationship I’ve developed with my staff.

Nina Frame

Enframe Studio
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