Recruiting global support staff to boost your design practice

Support Studios takes an innovative approach to the traditional method of hiring top talent for your architecture, interior design and landscape business. Our effective recruitment model is the smart way to employ qualified professionals, without the cost incurred if you were to hire staff locally to do the same job in-house. Support Studios saves you time – we take care of the entire recruitment process for you – and saves you money on overheads like office space and employee expenses which is particularly important for small businesses. In fact, Support Studios’ method of recruiting can lower your project costs by as much as 60%!

Bringing you remote talent and home-grown savings

Today, Support Studios boasts one of the best remote teams of passionate and energetic professionals who are proficient in the most popular industry software solutions. Support Studios is about more than just recruiting global talent. It is also about celebrating culture. Our creative studios in the bustling cities of Denpasar and Manila are vibrant spaces where team members collaborate to produce high quality work. Staff receive regular professional development and technical training to remain at the top of their fields. And because Support Studios is a strong advocate for responsible outsourcing, staff are paid their full wage, superannuation, insurances and bonuses so they are empowered to thrive.
Explore our vibrant creative studio

Explore our vibrant creative studio

Our modern studios offer style and functionality for your staff. Partner with us and connect with your team in person.

We work with

  • Architects
  • Landscape Architects
  • Engineers
  • Interior Designers
  • Pool & Deck Builders
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What our customers think of us

We have been using an architectural designer from Support Studios for 3 years now and really noticed how it frees our time up in the office and completely boosted our presentation skills.

Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson Design

Support Studios has been an amazing addition to my business. I have been able to catch up on my back log of work and also invest more time in options and design explorations as the cost and time investment is so low. I used to feel that I would never be on top of my work and by the nature of needing to attend meetings and run the business, I would always be making clients wait weeks for updates. It’s taken a few months to catch up, but now I have and I am returning plans back to clients in days not weeks and I can focus my efforts on running engaging with new and existing clients and most importantly, designing.

Glenn Osmond

Osmond McLeod Architects

A great setup that has been the perfect solution for my studio. I’ve really loved the relationship I’ve developed with my staff.

Nina Frame

Enframe Studio
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